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UET Mardan Hostels have been established for the outstation students. Hostels are providing hygienic & pleasant environment and are equipped with all amenities for standard living. Three hostels have been built in the campus of UET Mardan (2 for male and 1 for female) which have capacity to accommodate 380 students. Two hostels (1 for male and 1 for female) are under construction to fulfil any additional capacity requirements. The management makes a sincere endeavor to provide all the needed facilities and comforts. These hostels provide:

  1. Peaceful academic environment.
  2. Good meals, prepared under hygienic conditions.
  3. Limited indoor recreational facilities i.e.
  • TV Room
  • Indoor games

In UET Mardan, three hostels are currently provided to students for accommodation among which two hostels are for male students (Capacity 330) and one for female students (50). Due to limited capacity of accommodation boarding facility is a privilege and cannot be demanded as a right by the students. Due to limited resources for accommodation hostel facility may not be provided to all students enrolled. Proper boarding, lodging and mess facilities are available to all hostel residents. Hostel mess system operates on a no-profit no-loss basis.

Each hostel is assigned a Resident Warden and Assistant Warden who is responsible for the implementation of hostels rules, maintenance of order and discipline in the hostel. The Resident Warden is the first point of contact between a resident student and university administration.

All issues, queries/complaints regarding any resident student or hostel staff shall be reported to the Resident Warden/Assistant Warden and thus students must not take any matter into their own hands. For facilitating the students, bearers and other staff have been assigned to each hostel. A Senior Warden supervises the Resident Wardens in the discharge of their duties. The Provost serves as the overall in-charge of the hostels and sets policy guidelines for the hostel administration.
Security officer as an in-charge of security of hostels will supervise a team of highly trained security guards recruited from retired Pakistan Army personnel. Security guards will perform duty on the gates of the hostels who will permit only authorized residents into hostel premises. He can randomly visit rooms of any hostel at any time for check of any weapon, drugs, intoxicant, rods, daggers and harmful materials etc under the authorized supervision of Resident Warden/Assistant Warden.

The residents of hostels are required to abide by the rules and regulations of the university hostels as laid down in this prospectus and notified from time to time by the hostel and university administration. In case of violation of rules or any misconduct fines will be charged as per hostel regulations.  

Note: Students admitted/studying in the university on self-financed (non-subsidized) scheme are not entitled for boarding facility.