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  1. The Resident student and his/her Parent/guardian must have to sign an affidavit provided by the university on judicial stamp paper regarding the good conduct. If he/she fails to do so, shall not be allowed to enter the hostel. Additionally, the following must also be ensured with regards to the guardian:
    • A guardian can only be a Blood Relative i.e. Paternal or maternal uncle, elder sibling.
    • At the time of admission to the Hostel, Parents/Guardian must accompany the student to the hostel. They will be required to submit a copy of CNIC accompanied by signed affidavit.
    • Every student is required to provide/furnish the above, if they fail to do so, then they shall not be allowed to enter the hostel.
    • After verification and collection of the signed affidavits, the residents shall be issued an identity cards. The residents are advised to keep the identity cards always with them, and they will only be permitted to their hostels after showing this card to the security guard.
    • Student staying in hostel shall abide by all rules and regulations. In case any student fails to abide by the hostels rules and regulations or any other order issued by the hostel administration, he/she will be liable for imposition of fine and/or his/her in-living status will be cancelled. Failure to abide by the hostel rules and regulations as mentioned or as communicated from time to time will be strictly dealt with. 
  2. Students of the university other than the boarder students are not allowed to enter or stay in the hostel. The prior permission of the hostel warden need to be obtained. 
  3. No day scholars or residents of one hostel are allowed overnight stay in any other hostel of the University. Likewise, no outsider/guest or family member will be allowed to stay in or visit any hostel of the University. 
  4. No resident students are allowed to entertain the outsiders/guests in their rooms. However, the resident students can entertain their guests in guest rooms within the recommended visiting hours. 
  5. Keeping of any arms, alcohol, intoxicants, drugs, and other harmful materials are strictly prohibited. Possession of these items are totally banned and those who are checked will lead to a strict disciplinary action and may leads to imposition of fine and expulsion from the hostel. Moreover, the hostel authorities’ may initiate criminal actions against the violator and refer the matter to the police.
  6. No hostel resident is allowed to Use/keep electrical appliances/gadget such as heaters, air coolers and air conditioners etc. in his/her rooms. If any resident is caught having any such electrical appliances/gadgets, then he/she will be fined and the appliance/gadget will be confiscated from the resident student. 
  7. The resident shall avoid such actions detrimental to peace and tranquility of the hostel environment. The resident should not indulge in acts like loud playing of music instrument or loud singing etc. which may disturb others. 
  8. No resident student will be allowed to participate in any sort of political activity, if anyone found involved in such activities will leads to a strict disciplinary action against him/her. 
  9. No resident shall be allowed to indulge in any political activities, invitation to any political figures and scholars for speech, lecture or any other related functions in the hostel premises. Further, the residents are directed not to circulate any published and unpublished material for the said purpose. 
  10. Residents are not allowed to assemble any political crowds or congregations within the hostel premises.
  11. No girls’ students are allowed to enter boys hostel and vice versa. 
  12. The residents shall be responsible to keep their rooms, common areas and surroundings clean and tidy. Students should keep their door properly closed and locked when leaving their room, even when just going to the bathroom or taking shower. Residents shall not keep expensive items (cost of which exceeds Rs. 1000/-) or cash in their rooms. Any loss or damage shall not be the responsibility of the Hostel authorities. 
  13. No residents are permitted to park their bicycles, motorcycles, scooters or cars etc. within the hostel premises. If any resident fails to do so, shall be liable to disciplinary action. Further, any loss or damage shall not be the responsibility of the Hostel administration.
  14. No residents are allowed to ride bicycles, motorcycles, scooter or cars etc. inside the hostel premises. Violation of this rules will be dealt seriously. 
  15. Use of accommodation for any purpose other than the prescribed by hostel administration is not allowed and may lead to strict disciplinary action. 
  16. No resident is allowed to enter into any conflict with the hostel staff directly on their own. The complaints against the hostel staff should be brought to the notice of the Hostel warden/provost. 
  17. Residents shall not insist on the hostel staff to involve in any activity other than the given job responsibility. Also, the residents shall not insist on them to bring contraband goods for them. 
  18. Hostel warden can impose a fine of upto Rs. 5000/- on any resident student who fails to abide by the hostel rules and regulations or any order of the hostel administration. Before imposing any penalty/fine on any resident student, the hostel warden may issue him/her with a show cause notice to give him/her the opportunity to which he/she must respond in writing within the stipulated timeframe. The warden may decide himself to carry off any penalty/fine if he/she finds the reply of the student satisfactory or he/she may decide otherwise. The warden can refer the matter to the Hostel Discipline Committee (HDC) through the senior warder for further necessary action. The committee can forward the matter to the University Discipline Committee if necessary.  
  19. Rules and regulations for Hostel Warden (see on page 81)
  20. Appeal: Any student against whom disciplinary action has been taken by the resident warden, may appeal to the Hostel Discipline Committee (HDC) within 15 days.


Hostel Discipline Committee

  1. Cases of indiscipline by the resident students may be forwarded to the Hostel Discipline Committee by the Resident Warden through the Senior Warden. The Convener of HDC in consultation with the Provost will call a meeting of HDC at a place and time convenient to the committee members, to conduct hearings in the case.
  2. The Hostel Discipline Committee will decide the cases according to hostel conduct and discipline regulations.
  3. The Hostel Discipline Committee may forward the cases needing severe penalties (such as imposition of a fine of more than Rs.40,000/ and or expulsion /rustications from the university) to the University Discipline Committee.
  4. Assistant Provost will record minutes of the meeting of HDC and all records of HDC decisions. These decisions and minutes will be duly signed by all members of HDC and will be communicated in writing with all members, concerned and wardens.  



  1. An appeal against HDC decision of punishment by students shall be sent to the HDC within 15 days.
  2. An appeal after 15 days of punishment decision made by HDC will not be entertained