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Dear Students and Visitors, Welcome to University of Engineering and Technology, Mardan, and thank you for taking the time to learn about us. UET Mardan community is centered on our student’s success, providing them with a conducive learning environment, exceptional experiences, wealth of knowledge and market-oriented skill set in order to have successful careers.
UET Mardan is strategically located within easy access to both national and provincial capitals and having proximity to the industrial hub of the province. This not only allows our students to be at the forefront of any new developments in education and technology but also enables them to apply their engineering knowledge to the industrial problems. The exceptional experiences at UETM helps our students to grow, develop, explore, apply their knowledge and in the process realize their true potential.
The core missions of UET Mardan university are education, research, and social contribution. Our education system is student learning oriented, with outcome-based learning fully implemented in all the engineering programs. During the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we have evolved to online education which has been ranked among the top universities in Pakistan by the HEC. We are also developing a blended education system which enables our students to access the university facilities without compromising their safety. Through a mixture of class learning, seminars and participation in student societies, we hope to develop well-rounded competent engineers instilled with right values, who are an asset to this region and our country.
For research new graduate programs have been added, ORIC is empowered, and scholarships are introduced to attract the best student minds. We intend to contribute to the society around us by promoting free thinking, solving local problems, educating the masses and working closely with the industry. Initiatives have been planned on all these fronts and we hope to be the catalyst for positive changes in our society.
Our website has many resources for you to learn, however, I encourage you to visit our beautiful campus, meet our students and faculty and see for yourself the opportunities, activities and facilities that University and Engineering and Technology Mardan offers.