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Mechanical Engineering is one of the most versatile, broadest and oldest Engineering professions. The Mechanical Engineering is responsible for development of products, designs, processes and energy projects from micro to macro complex systems. Mechanical engineers confront with diverse and challenging engineering problems which requires integration of science, engineering and socio-economic knowledge. They are trained to solve real-world engineering problems arising in energy production, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, manufacturing, power generation and control process. They design complex machines, manufacturing processes and translate them into real products that addresses societal issues. However, with recent advances, mechanical systems are increasingly integrated with electronics, sensors, actuators, micro-controllers and computers. Mechanical engineering education thus needs to gear up to keep up with the fast-changing technology development.

Department Mission

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department is:
To develop Mechanical Engineering Department as world class engineering institution that impart quality education in field of Mechanical Engineering fundamentals, application and skills through modern teaching and tools for socioeconomic development so as to produce graduates who are prepared to pursue professional excellence with moral responsibility.

Academic Programs

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers the following programs:

  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering