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Hostel gates timings

Following timings will be observed for boys hostels.

Season Opening gate time Closing gate time
Winter 7:00 AM 10:00 PM
Summer 6:00 AM 11:00 PM

A Boarder pass will be issued to every resident of the hostel by the Provost Office. It will be a student’s identity as a Boarder. Students are supposed to keep this card with them at all time in hostel and university premises. Students without boarder card will not be permitted to enter the hostel.

Notices & wall chalking

No resident will be allowed to display or paste any printed or handwritten notices anywhere in the hostel except for those duly signed the Hostel Warden; no resident student can engage in wall chalking inside the hostel premises. Any student violating this rule will be subjected to strict disciplinary action.



All complaints regarding to any matter of hostel should be reported to Warden of hostels. Students are not allowed to take the matters in their own hands, otherwise strict actions will be taken against the students doing such deeds.

Utensils, Furniture & Electric Installations

  1. Utensils from the dining hall/ mess and furniture from common rooms are not ought to be taken by the residents to their rooms or outside hostel. Furniture should not be moved from their designated locations. Else strict disciplinary action will be taken against concerned students.
  2. A bed, table and chair will be provided to every resident of hostel and he/she will be responsible for these items. Any damage done to these items will be heavily fined and the resident will pay for the damage to the Hostel authorities.
  3. All rooms of hostels have necessary electric fittings. The resident of the room will be responsible for the proper usage and safety of all the electric fittings.


Common Room

  1. A Common Room Committee will be formed of three to five students by the concerned Warden which will take care of all matters related to Common Room under the supervision of the Hostel.
  2. Actions will be taken by the Resident Warden to facilitate the students with newspapers, magazines, material for indoor games and fulfill other maintenance requirements of the hostel. These needs will be funded by the contingency fund of the hostel. The Warden will provide an approximation of contingency funds for these purposes.
  3. Display of films/movies are not allowed inside the hostels. Special permission of the Provost must be taken for the arrangement of any such function whatsoever inside the hostel premises. Non-residents students will not be allowed to participate in such activities inside hostel without the permission of the Warden. Also no paid/professional artists can be invited to perform in the hostel premises.
  4. Co-curriculum activities like indoor games, dramas, debates etc. are allowed to be arranged in hostel by the resident students with the proper permission of the Resident Warden. The Resident Warden shall give the permissions for such activities through consultation with the Senior Warden and the Provost


Hostel Staff

  1. Private/personal servants are not allowed in hostels. Every hostel is managed by appointed staff who look after the needs of hostilities e.g. bearers, water carriers, sweepers and gardener etc. The hostel staff is answerable to the warden of the hostel. Any complaint against the staff should be communicated to the warden of the hostel in writing. Staff is required to serve the resident students inside the hostel premises according to the duties assigned to them by the hostel administration.
  2. Misbehavior by the resident students with the hostel staff is subject to strict disciplinary action against the perpetrators.


Prohibition of valuables

  1. The resident students are not allowed to keep items like car, motorcycle, Video Camera, TV Set, gold, expensive mobile phones, large sum of money etc. In case of any loss or theft the responsibility shall entirely be on the student who owned it.
  2. However students residing in hostels are allowed to keep computers, Laptops without external speakers/woofers in their rooms at their own risk for educational purposes only. The hostel authorities shall bear no responsibility in case of any loss or theft.


Regional societies / political / religi-political groups

Borders students are not allowed to form or be part of any political, regional, Religio-political or any sort of group in the hostel. Moreover, they are also not allowed to use or let their rooms be used as offices of any group. Resident students are not allowed to arrange meetings that has regional, political and religio political agenda of any nature inside the hostel premises. Perpetrators of such gatherings will face strict disciplinary proceedings.


Closure of hostels

The university hostels shall remain closed during the vacations. A resident students shall be needed to vacate the hostels except those who are in process of examination or have inducted in summer semester. The administration may provide an alternate arrangement for aforementioned students. Foreign students may be allowed to stay in their hostel during vacations.


Special regulations for girls hostels

  1. Female students shall directly report to their hostels after they are done with their classes in their respective departments.
  2. Night attendance of the borders shall be taken on a daily basis.
  3. The Warden has the right to make surprise visits to the hostel rooms.
  4. Following timetable will strictly be observed for opening and closing girls hostel gates: 
    Season Opening gate time Closing gate time
    Winter 7:45 AM 4:00 PM
    Summer 7:45 AM 4:00 PM
  5. Leave applications and complaint shall be submitted to the Warden/Senior Warden. Students residing in hostels must have their applications signed by the Warden/Senior Warden before leaving the hostel premises.
  6. Every resident of the Girls' hostel must submit a list of three relative duly signed by her parents/guardian along with photocopies of their CNICs at the time of admission.
  7. Only parents/guardian and authorized relative shall be allowed to visit female resident students during the following visiting hours:
    • Winter (October to March)
      • Saturday: 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM
      • Sunday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    • Summer (April to September)
      • Saturday: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
      • Sunday: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
  8. Only parents/guardian and authorized relative can take a resident student out of the campus for shopping/overnight stay on weekends.
  9. Permission to meet the authorized relative must be obtained from the Warden or Provost. Male visitors shall meet the residents only in the visitor's room for minimum possible time to avoid inconvenience to other students.
  10. With the permission of the warden or provost the female hostel students can attend the university’s departmental functions and study tours subject to the permission of the Warden or Provost.
  11. Permission for going out must be obtained one day before. A resident student must sign in the register at time of departure, they should also mention the place of visit and time of return. She must also sign in the register upon her return.
  12. Guests: No guest will be allowed to have casual meals or for night stay without the prior permission of the hostel administration.