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Strong and broad based economy plays a key role in the survival of a country. The contemporary trends of globalization are driving nations towards knowledge-based economies wherein competition is vital to sustainable economic growth. Realizing the importance of knowledge in the competitive world, government of Pakistan took the initiative to revolutionize its tertiary level education. Pursuit of the same led to the foundation of Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan in 2002. Right since its inception, HEC sponsored/ encouraged the establishment public/private sector Higher Education Institutions (HEI).  Resultantly, the higher education rapidly spread laterally across the country. Along with the lateral expansion, HEC focused on vertical growth of higher education by ensuring the quality standard of the higher education in the country. To materialize its vision, HEC established the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) in 2005 with the prime objective to devise policy for maintaining, monitoring, and enhancement of the quality standard of the higher education in the HEI’s of the country. To have a systematic quantifiable assessment of quality level of academics, QAA binds and guides every HEI to develop its internal system. The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) at the university bears the sole responsibility to make sure that the teaching/learning process in the institution meets the required quality standards by pointing out the deficiencies and monitoring the remedial measures.


The Quality Enhancement Cell envisages the end product of UET Mardan to prove themselves as front liners in getting on all sorts of potential challenges in the globalized competitive environment of the knowledge-based economy.


The primary mission of QEC is to incorporate continuous quality improvement in teaching, student learning, and administrative support mechanism. Play a leading role in developing a congenial atmosphere at the university which is based on mutual respect, trust, merit, transparency, justice wherein every individual stake holder would like to discharge his assigned duties and responsibilities with positive attitude of help/cooperation/collaboration to support the institution in reaching out its goals.