Research Laboratories

We soar a fleet of 24 plus laboratories. These state-of-the-art, fully equipped laboratories including 9 labs at telecom, 9 labs at electrical, 6 labs at software & 2 labs at computer science department. These labs include Radar Labs, Solaris Labs, Advance Electronics Labs, Programming Lab, Data Science Lab, System and Design Lab, Final Year Project Labs, Postgraduate Lab, Embedded Systems Labs, Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Analysis Labs, Advance machinery labs, Computer Labs, Communication Labs, Control Systems Labs, Advance Telephony and Various types of experimentation test beds as well as workshops.

Research Laboratory


Five State of the Art Power Engineering Laboratories Installed at Electrical Department UET Mardan under HEC Funded Project

A two weeks long training session was concluded July 27th, 2018 at University of Engineering and Technology Mardan for establishment of three state of the art power engineering laboratories under the HEC funded project title “Establishment & Upgrading of Core Engg. deptts at Mardan Campus of UET Peshawar”. The training was organized by the Project Coordinator Dr. Muhammad Usman and conducted by the Department of Electrical Engineering in collaboration with two distinguished international organizations from Germany; namely, Lucas-Nuelle and ETS Didactic GmbH.

The three major laboratories have enabled the department to allow electrical engineering students and researchers a place to study electrical power systems through lab experiments and system simulation. The first half of this interactive exercise comprised training on Power Engineering and Renewable Energy Laboratory. Under the supervision of Mr. Ronald Hummel (International Academy Instructor at Lucas-Nuelle Germany), the faculty of Electrical Engineering Department undertook collaborative experiments on various evolving arenas of Electrical Power Engineering. The first sessions were conducted in the Complete Power Systems Laboratory of the department that encompasses state-of-the-art computer assisted equipment on Power Generation and Distribution, Generator Protection, Renewable Energy Training Systems for Photovoltaic, Wind Power Plant, Fuel Cells, Transformer Protection, High Voltage Transmission Lines, Energy Management, SCADA, Smart Grid Training Systems, Advance measuring instruments, and Class Room Manager for the interconnected computer assisted students worksations.

The second phase of this programme was based on providing the faculty with hands-on-expertise on the two more newly established laboratories of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics. These labs vaunt standardized ELABO training systems from ETS Didactic GmbH, Germany. The university administration was thankful to Mr. Klaus Hohl from ETS Didactic GmbH and Mr. Jacob Hohl from Siemens, Germany two reputed international trainers who superintended a series of dynamic training sessions in both of the aforementioned laboratories. They proficiently trained the faculty members on the handling, experiment conduction, and safety precautions while using high power 3-phase machineries, in addition to Modern Machinery Control, Power Resistors, Thyristors and  Rectifier Bridges, DC and AC Motor Operational control, Servo Drives, Motor Management, Three Phase and Single Phase Transformers, Convertors and the relevant software and server configurations for the networked workstations.

The faculty of Electrical Engineering Department gave a sizably positive feedback on this training. “It was fun! We got to learn a lot that was never possible with reading books only;” said one of the Lecturers Engr. Sadia Jabeen an expert in communication technologies who was part of the training. The Semester Coordinator of Electrical Engineering Department Engr. Khadim Ullah Jan who tremendously contributed to installation, laboratories setup, commissioning, and then participated in the training of three laboratories; meanwhile he ensured adequate hospitality, and logistics support towards the foreign trainers who were there as guests from Germany. “Enhancement of these laboratories is a major milestone achieved towards the strengthening of our department. he added. “The laboratory contains the same hardware and software used by industry professionals in the creation and maintenance of power systems giving students the opportunity to develop the skills and experience that will aid them in the work field.;” briefing by the foreigners to the Project Coordinator Dr. Muhammad Usman and Chairman Dr. Imran Khan during the visit to laboratories.

On 27th of July 2018 certificates distribution ceremony was held where the Chief Guest Dr. Imran Khan Project Director of UET Mardan distributed the certificates among the training participants and presented shields to the German Engineers.


Department of Sofware Engineering

Department has the following state of the art laboratories equipped with every instrument and software required in the software engineering courses. For smooth functioning, laboratories are backed up with a powerful generator. 

  1. Programming Lab.
  2. Data Science Lab.
  3. System & Design Lab.
  4. Embedded System Lab.
  5. Final Year Project Lab.
  6. Postgraduate Lab.

Department of Electrical Engineering

There are nine (09) dedicated state of the art Laboratories that are extensively utilized for laboratory courses, open ended labs and research. These labs cover power generation, transmission, utilization, protection, generator control, transformers, smart grid, renewable energies (fuel cell, solar, wind), signal processing, circuit analysis, wireless communication, embedded systems and computing. For smooth functioning, Laboratories are backed up with 200kVA generator.. List of the available laboratories are:

  1. Complete Power Systems Lab 
  2. Power Electronics Lab
  3. Electrical Machine-I Lab
  4. Electrical Machine-II Lab
  5. Electronics Lab
  6. Computer Lab
  7. Workshop Technology Lab
  8. Final Year Project (FYP) Lab
  9. Measurement & Instrumentation Lab
  10. Digital Electronics Lab (Shared)
  11. Electric Circuit Lab (Shared)
  12. Control Systems Lab (Shared)
  13. Embedded System Lab (Shared)


Department of Telecommuication Engineering

There are several state of the art fully equipped laboratories in the Department. For smooth functioning, Laboratories are backed up with a powerful generator.

  1. Electronics Lab
  2. Wireless Communication Lab
  3. Telecommunication  Systems Lab
  4. Computer Lab
  5. Applied Physics and Circuits Lab
  6. Control System Lab
  7. Digital Logic Design Lab
  8. Final Year Project Lab
  9. Electric Workshop Lab (Shared)
  10. Digital Electronics Lab (Shared)Embedded System Lab (Shared)


Department of Computer Science

Currently, the department has the following state-of-the-art laboratories. Computer Lab

  1. Digital Electronics Lab
  2. Embedded System Lab (Shared)    

More labs have been planned for the program and will be added soon.