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On Wednesday, April 24, 2024, the students of the 4th semester in the Department of Electrical Engineering at UET Mardan embarked on a one-day study tour to the 81MW Malakand III Hydro Power Complex. Upon arrival, they were warmly received by Assistant Resident Engineer, Engr. Zeeshan Ahmad, alongside Dr. Irfan Khan, the OBE coordinator, and Dr. Jawad Ali, the Manager of Industrial Linkages.

During the tour, students were provided with a comprehensive overview of the various sections of Malakand III, including the Generation sections, Control Room, Switch Yard, Fourbay, pinstock, and 32MVA step-up transformers. Engr. Zeeshan also discussed potential internship opportunities for the students and areas where their expertise could be valuable.

Following the visit to the HPC, the students from the Electrical Engineering Department at UET Mardan visited the White Palace in Marghuzar, Swat, for recreational purposes. This site holds both natural beauty and historical significance, having once been the residence of the Wali of Swat.

The Department of Electrical Engineering consistently provides opportunities for students to enhance their practical skills as well as their understanding of real-world applications in the field. This study tour to the Malakand III Hydro Power Complex exemplifies the department's commitment to experiential learning and industry engagement. Through visits to such sites and historical landmarks like the White Palace in Marghuzar, Swat, students gain valuable insights that complement their academic curriculum, preparing them for future challenges in the field of electrical engineering.