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The 12th meeting of the Syndicate was held on 2nd March, 2023, and it began with the confirmation of the minutes of the 9th, 10th, and 11th meetings held on 7th June, 2022, and 17th October, 2022, respectively. The implementation report of the decisions taken in these meetings was also discussed. The approval of the recommendations of the 13th Meeting of the Selection Board held on 12.09.2022 and the recommendations of the 8th and 9th Meetings of the Academic Council held on 13th April, 2022, and 21st September, 2022, respectively, was also given. Additionally, the approval of the recommendations of the 5th Meeting of the Finance and Planning Committee, UET Mardan, held on 17.02.2023 was also given.
The forum also deliberated on the service matters of different faculty members of various departments. The meeting was conducted in an orderly and productive manner, with all members participating actively in the discussions. The decisions taken in the meeting are expected to contribute to the smooth functioning of the university in the future.