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Events Details

FYP sets the future path, gives defined direction and idea about the endeavors of the graduating students. An FYP exhibition and competition was arranged on August 24, 2021 in the new Academic Block, Electrical Engineering Department (EED), UET Mardan for Batch 6, Session 2017-2021.

The Chairman of EED, Dr. Imran Khan formally started the event and welcomed the evaluators, students and visitors to the UET Mardan’s finest FYP exhibition. Dr. Imran Khan added that FYP is a continuously learning process and every student start learning very diverse set of techniques, tools and tricks while they select their project title. He appreciated the efforts of students, projects’ supervisors and wished the students a bright future while examining the projects on its display by himself, mentioning that final year project is a regular feature of Department of Electrical Engineering.

The industrial Advisory Board (IAB) members that includes, Dr. Ziaul Haq Abbas, Associate Professor, GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Dr. Haider Ali, Associate Professor, UoT Nowshera, Dr. Zaka Ullah Khan Ex-CEO PESCO/Governing Body member PEC, Engr. Zia Ullah, XEN-PESCO, Engr. Muhammad Mussawer Parvez, Manager, NESCOM, along with FYP coordinator, Dr. Ajmal Farooq formally evaluated each project and appreciated the students’ final masterpieces. They also praised the facilitation and organizing of event by Engr. Ghulam Hafeez, Dr. Ajmal Farooq, Dr. Muhammad Ali, Dr. Fazal and Dr. Salman.

The projects comprised of amalgamated titles of Power Engineering, Communications and Computer Science like Sensor based Covid-19 case detecting gates, Wireless Sensor networks, Channel allocation in free bands, Antenna and wave propagation research, Vehicular Adhoc Networks, UAVs,  Internet of Things, Renewable Energy and its conservation, Smart Grid and Smart Switching, Image and data processing using AI and ANNs, Gunshot detection, exploring ways to generate electricity in public parks and the list goes on.

These projects already stand among the best and it was once proven by getting funding from ICT Ignite in which 10 projects from Electrical Engineering department secured funds for prototyping and research last winters. The experts thoroughly evaluated each project and also guided the final year students for improving the project prototypes and making it sellable.

The students also had an opportunity to cash out their projects by displaying their work on the university and departmental level and by getting nominated for top 10 projects. These top 10 projects will be awarded cash prices which will motivate the prospective final year students to work harder and put more effort into their FYPs.