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Events Details

Anti Corruption Week

A one day theme-based-drive against corruption was initiated by the UET Mardan on 19 November 2019. The events organised in the wake of corruption reflected the theme i.e. “Role of Society in Curing Corruption.”, and different competitions like debates, essay writing and painting were held.

The event was organised by the team of Directorate of Clubs and Arts Society. The Director Academics, Dr. Muhammad Usman, graced the show as a Chief Guest. Some other notable members of UET Mardan, including, Dr. Taufeeq, Engr. Humaira, Engr. Wasi, Engr. Jawad, Engr. Lubna also counted themselves in the drive to spread awareness against corruption.

The day had a cause, a voice, a pen and a canvas against the evils of corruption; Therefore students from all the departments of the University actively participated and made their words heard and ideas seen. Moreover, the students were also applauded with appreciation and awarded with acknowledgement.

Furthermore, Events like these could have a great impact on our society and can help us fight the very root-cause of corruption. Therefore, not only we should educate our coming generation about the adverse effects of corruption, but also we should encourage initiatives like these in order to play a pivotal role in completely eradicating the corruption from our society.