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About Us



The field of Telecommunication Engineering is evolving rapidly with new technological standards introduced with the passage of time. Look back 10 years in the past, when very few of us had a mobile phone, our internet connection, in general, was as powerful as required by the then text based websites and when none of us could be a part of any social networks. However, technological evolution in the field of Telecommunication has unknowingly changed our lifestyle. We now have access to powerful computational machines in the form of mobile, handhelds bundled with user friendly software applications that are designed for any imaginable application scenario. Most of us now spend more time in the world of virtual social networks. Our forms of expressions are just a click away through online blogging and YouTube. We are emerging into an age where we are connected ‘Any Time, Any where’ through mobile networks. Looking at where we are now, from engineering point of view, simply reflects the ground breaking inventions achieved through research in the field Telecommunication Engineering.

Programs’ Mission

Looking ahead in the near foreseeable future, we cannot think of any sector of the society where communication technologies will not have a vital role to play. From healthcare, governance, education, administration to agriculture and finance it is going to be the communication technologies that will define the future modus operandi of those business processes. As a matter of fact, the demand for skilled human resource will increase as the pace and scope of the communication technologies will grow. In line with the foreseeable future requirements of the Telecommunication Industry and all related fields that demand highly skilled Telecommunication Engineers, the Telecommunication Engineering Department provides tailored-fit M.Sc, and Ph.D. programs. The Objectives of Telecommunication Engineering Department are formulated to harness most of these challenges and strategies are formulated to incorporate all the required skills into our programs.

Academic Programs

Department of Telecommunication Engineering is offering the following programs at  Postgraduate level:

MSc Telecommunication Engineering
PhD Telecommunication Engineering

Research Areas 

We have several fulltime Ph.D. faculty members actively pursuing research in areas like Cognitive & Cooperative Networks, Network Coding, Long Term Evolution(LTE), MANETs, Antenna Design, Signal and Image Processing, Machine to Machine Communication.