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Dr. Sadiaq Ullah

Associate Professor / Chairman
Department of
Telecommunication Engineering
Dr. Sadiq Ullah

Phone : +92937923045, +923454837093 
Email :,
Address : Department of Telecommunication Engineering, UET Mardan Charsadda Road, Mardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, PK, 23200.

  1. Sept. 2011-Present: Assistant Professor (Tenured), Telecom. Engg. Deptt., UET Mardan
      • Teaching & Research Supervision at UG and PG Levels @ Telecom. Engg. Department
      • Introducing and streamlining the postgraduate (M.Sc. and PhD) program. 
      • Accreditation for the B.Sc. Telecommunication Engineering from PEC.
      • Curriculum design and revision of the Telecommunication Engineering Department 
      • Preparation, review and Compilation of Self-Assessment Report (SAR) of Telecommunication Engineering Department as per OBE guidelines
      • Member, REC & PREC
      • Member Board of Studies (BoS)
      • Chairman @Telecommunication Engineering Deptt., 2016- 2017, Feb. 2019-date
      • Advisor Postgraduate studies @ Telecom engineering department (UET): 2013-date
      • Director PG Studies @ UET Mardan: May 2018-date
      • Convener Preliminary Inquiry Committee @ UET Mardan Campus 2012-2018
      • Convenor/Member Admission|Statutes|PG rules Committees @ UET Mardan
  2. Jan. 2011-June 2011: Research Associate, Loughborough University, United Kingdom
    In this project I worked on:
    • Attenuation effects on the propagation of millimeter waves for military applications
    • Short range, high speed wireless connectivity in army combat operations in all weather conditions, using body worn devices
    • Modeling of attenuation effects of the atmosphere (oxygen and water molecules, fog, hail, clouds, dew, rain and snow) and environment (vegetation and sand storms) on the propagation of electromagnetic waves in the mm wave band (30-300 GHz)
  3. 15 Jan. 2002- 18 Sept. 2006: Assistant Manager (Technical/Electronics), NESCOM
    As a technical manager I leaded a team of over 20 people in a public sector organization (NESCOM, NDC), Islamabad. In this role, I supervised and worked on R & D projects in the fields of electronics and communication engineering, mainly:
    • Calibration and testing of electronic measurement equipment 
    • Electronic circuitry used in guidance & control sections of aerospace systems
    • Design and optimization of analog/digital circuit modules for aerospace applications
    • Error detection and correction of multi-layered printed circuit boards (PCBs)

2006-2010: Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, Loughborough University, UK
2003-2005: M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, UET Taxila, Pakistan
1997-2001: B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with distinction, UET Peshawar Pakistan
1995-1996: F.Sc. in Pre-Engineering, Jehanzeb College, Saidu Sharif, Swat
1993-1994: Metric in Science, GHSS, Charbagh, Swat

Honor and Awards
  1. Funded Project from DosT (Directorate of Science & Technology), KP: Worth: 0.2 Millions
  2. Best Paper Award, IETE Journal of Research, Francis & Taylor Publishers, 2018
  3. Higher Education Commission’s Scholarship for Ph.D. (2006)
  4. Merit scholarship during B.Sc. Engineering 
  5. Merit certificates of distinction issued by the EED, UET Peshawar
  • Senior Member IEEE
  • Life Time Member, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)
  • Member, All Pakistan Tenure Track Association (APTTA)
  • Member, British Alumni Association of Pakistan (BAAP)
Graduate, Undergraduate, Honor Students Supervised
Name Title of Thesis Status
B. Kamal Design and SAR analysis of planar wearable antennas using EBG Completed
S. Shoukat Miniaturization of patch antennas and enhancing bandwidth of miniaturized antenna Completed
M. A. Afridi Design and Analysis of Patch Antenna Using Novel Metamaterial Surfaces for Wireless Applications Completed
Haroon Design and specific absorption rate (SAR) analysis of biodegradable wearable antennas Completed
S. Ullah Design of 60 GHz and 70 GHz Millimeter Wave antennas for future high speed wireless communication system using artificial ground planes Completed
S. Rahim Design and SAR Analysis of Wearable Antennas Using Metamaterial Surfaces for Wireless and Medical Applications Completed
U. Ali Design and analysis of 2.4 GHz Wearable Antenna on Metamaterial Surfaces Completed
H. A. Khan Design of Wearable Patch Antenna with EBG for ISM Band Completed
A. Humayun Design and Analysis of Embroidered Patch Antennas for Wireless Communication in progress
W. R Khan Design of compact efficient and high-gain antennas for 5th Generation (5G) handheld Devices Completed
S. M. Umar Design and Analysis of High-gain, Efficient and Broadband Antennas for 5th Generation (5G) Base Stations Completed
M. F. Khan Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Antennas for Future Multi-Mode Smart Phone Applications Completed
R. Ullah Design of Compact, Efficient and High-gain Planar Antennas for future 5th Generation (5G) wireless Technologies Completed
Abdullah Metasurfaces and Metamaterials in the Microwave and Higher Frequency Spectrum for Diverse Range of Applications Completed
B. Khan Design and Characterization of Polarization Sensitive Meta-Surfaces for Microwave, Millimetre Wave Application Completed
R. Ullah Design of MIMO Antennas for 5G Mobile Communications in progress
Haroon (PhD Student) Design and analysis of Biodegradable substrate based antennas for on body and in body medical applications in progress
U. Ali (PhD Student) Design and Analysis of Metamaterial Based Wearable Antennas for Microwave and Millimeter Wave (mmW) Applications in progress
Service Activity
  • Director Postgraduate Studies, UET Mardan
  • Chairman, Telecommunication Engineering Department, UET Mardan
  • Advisor Postgraduate Studies, Telecommunication Engineering Department, UET Mardan
  • Member Admission Committee, Statutes Committee, Postgraduate Rules Committee, etc.
Brief Statement of Research Interest

Metamaterials, Plasomonics, Photonics, Reconfigurable, Biodegradable and wearable antennas, SAR analysis, RFID antennas, 5G antennas, measurement techniques, RF Energy Harvesting, image and video processing, EM wave propagation, high-speed mobile communication systems, Signal processing and network security.


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Research Grants and Contracts

May, 2019   ‘Design, miniaturization and performance enhancement of multiband antenna using planar metamaterial structures for modern wireless communications’, Directorate of Science & Technology (DosT), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rs. 0.2 Million (Funded and in progress)

Other Research or Creative Accomplishments
  • Joint R&D Project on ‘Development & Industrialization of real-time meteorological self-tracking radar’ with Xidian University, China: 6.5 Million RMB (Under Review)
  • Initiated and signed the first MoU of UET Mardan with NWPU, China
  • Managed Student Placement & MSc/PhD Scholarships at Foreign Universities
  • Joint Research with Loughborough University, UK 
Selected Professional Presentations
  • Invited Talk @ Northwestern Polytechnic University (NWPU), China
  • Invited Talk @ Xidian University, China
  • Research papers at IEEE sponsored conferences in UK and Pakistan.
  • Research posters at various exhibitions at Loughborough University, U.K.

Demonstrated Antenna & Microwave Simulation and Design tools to UG and PG students