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Today 23-12-2021 at 1:00 pm an awareness session from Durshal KPITB, was held at Seminar Hall, UET Mardan.
  DURSHAL The future of jobs is in the digital economy and knowledge workers. A growing number of jobs are available through global online work and tech-based startups. To successfully promote jobs for youth in the digital economy, KPITB has planned the Durshal project. The aim of the Durshal project is to stimulate startup and entrepreneurial culture in the province by setting up a network of symbiotic centers called ‘Durshal’, across the region. The plan is to leverage these centers for incubating potential startups while also providing co-working space for digital freelancers. The goal of the Durshal project is to ensure the success of resident startups by not only providing them with the necessary resources but also equipping them with crucial business know-how. The idea, therefore, is to provide the incubated startups access to a network of mentors who could potentially guide them towards their true north during their 6-month entrepreneurial journey. To that end, startups incubated at each Durshal will be offered training/learning sessions spread over a 6-month period. Each of these training sessions will be delivered at a preselected Durshal location and will be telecast live to the other (Durshal) locations. The idea is to leverage technology to save both time and logistics costs associated with traveling. Each startup member will also be offered competitive stipends depending on the viability of their startup idea