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Events Details

In solidarity with Kashmir on August 5, 2021, UET Mardan shed light on the two-year military siege of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and showed the respect, unity and vocal with the brothers and sisters being tortured in Indian Occupied Kashmir.

A walk was organized by student societies in the leadership of Dr. Taufeeq in which most of the patriotic students and faculty participated with holding banners, placards and flags of Kashmir. Media coverage was given to this walk so that the rest of the unaware world gets a message and hear the say of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters.
The event was a connotation for peace and solidarity which spoke a clear message of freedom and rights. The students, faculty and staff of UET, Mardan altogether actively participated in it.
By the words of oration, it was clearly reflected that we wholeheartedly love Kashmiris, and that we will work towards their freedom so they can be forever freed from the oppression, anguish and torment.