Dec 2019

Malakand-III Hydropower and Takht-i-Bahi Trip by EED


Malakand-III Tour

Engineering students need a break from hectic routine studies, tough courses and laboratory sessions. To reduce the stress and give them field knowledge, the 7th batch of Electrical Engineering Department, UET Mardan, went on a field trip to Malakand III Hydropower Project, an 81MW generating station, accompanied by Engr. Husan Ali and Engr. Jawad Ali on 12th December, 2019.

The students had a visual introduction with the electrical and mechanical sections of the power house in its generation section. There they were briefed about the starting, syncing and shutting down of the power house, and individual units. The Control room, which is designed by Chinese engineers, equiped with state of the art controlling equipment, was also a focus of the briefings. The students then visited the switch yard and also watched penstock, forebay and sediment water.

Apart from technical aspects, the group visited Takht-i-Bahi Heritage Museum, a UNESCO recognized historical site of level IV. It was designed and developmed in 1st century CE, and abandoned by the civilization in 7th century CE. The group did hiking as well as photography sessions in this great historical place.

Industrial visits and co-curricular activities are part of healthy education. The tour was a great amalgamation of engineering knowledge, history, healthy activities and fun.