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Workshop at Abasyn University

Quality Enhancement Cell of University of Engineering and Technology Mardan coordinated the participation of the faculty members in the subject workshop “Design and Practicing Outcome Based Education”. The approval for participation of fifteen faculty members was acquired from the office of the Vice-Chancellor, along with payment of registration fee in respect of the workshop participants and arrangement of transport to and from the venue of the workshop.

 The workshop, bearing 1 CPD Credit Point, was arranged at Abasyn University, Peshawar, on 06 November 2019. The focal person for the workshop was Professor Dr. Shaukat Ali Khan, Associate Dean at Abasyn University. Prof. Shaukat has teaching, research, and practical experience of over 25 years in Civil Engineering and is considered as an expert of OBE implementation in Engineering domain in Pakistan.

 A total of fifteen faculty members from the university attended the workshop, upon nomination by the respective departments. The first part of the workshop was focused on orientating the audience about Outcome Based Education (OBE), its differences to previous system, merits and demerits, typical OBE Model Cycle, guidelines on designing Course and Program Outcomes, Program Objectives, Continuous Quality Improvement, OBE Framework and other relevant topics. The participants were given the task of either introducing a 13th PLO, or drafting a PEO. This was followed by Question and Answer session during which participants were encouraged to share queries related to OBE. Several tips regarding effective OBE implementation were shared by the resource person.

 After the lunch and prayer break, the second part of the workshop was focused on Complex Engineering Problem/Activity and Open Ended Lab. It was highlighted that CEP is a critical part of the Outcome Based Accreditation, linked to almost five Program Learning Outcomes and must be duly ensured. Towards the end, queries from the audience were answered by the resource person. This was followed by distribution of certificates and group photo with the resource person. The participants thanked the trainer for his guidance and expert opinion.