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It was a great privilege for University of Engineering and Technology Mardan to take part as an Academic Partner for Digital Youth Summit '19, Information and Technology Board Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Digital Youth Summit' 19 was a tech premier conference held from 27 September '19 to 29 September' 19. The main purpose of the event was to foster technology entrepreneurship and promote youth and women empowerments. 
Students from University of Engineering and Technology along with Engr. Shahryar Khan participated in the premier tech conference. It was a great exposure for the students to learn and grab the buzz words of the technology world from the high profile speakers and attendees. 
Moreover, the students of UETM were immensely inspired by the notable names from national and international level who had graced the occasion. Besides, they were also hugely attracted to factors like tech entrepreneurship, women empowerments and youth empowerments in the technology landscape.