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Events Details

Orientation Day

Tuesday, 23 September 2019 marks the date for UETM' s 2nd Orientation of the new batch. For the orientation,the freshers of the respective Departements : Telecommunication, Computer Software, and Electrical arrived to the seminar hall at 10:30 a?m. They were thoroughly guided and directed to their destination by the seniors in order to avoid any inconvenience. Wholeheartedly, A great ambiance was set for the freshers, and they felt comfortable on their first day of arrival.

Later, The honourable Vice Chancellor, Dr Imran Khan graced the occasion and made his remarkable presence. He shared his precious words with the freshers and wished them a warm welcome and a great start of their professional college?His great words not only bagged a round of applause from the crowd, but also boosted the morale of the newcomers. 

Furthermore, The teachers and administration staff were also readily available for queries and help. All the offices were easily accessible for guidance of newcomers.

On the whole, it was a  very well organised event arranged by the Directorate of Clubs. All the organizers showed their professional attributes and met the desired expectation of their responsibilities. Despite being the first day of the freshers, the seniors considerately corporated with their juniors - It was a great show of professionalism and high spirits.