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Software Engineering is the discipline that deals with creating and maintaining software applications by applying technologies and practices from computer science, Project management, Engineering, Application domains and other fields. A misconception about software engineering is that it is just ‘coding’ or programming. However, it is not just ‘coding’ but also is the thorough understanding of the entire process, from planning to Design, Development, Testing and Deployment.
Software engineers have a firm grounding in the concepts of Computer Science. However, this discipline varies widely from computer science as it deals with actual implementation of software through software engineering principles.

Programs’ Mission

The postgraduate program in Computer Software Engineering was started in Spring 2011 at the then UET Campus Mardan. Currently, it offers Master’s of Science (MSc) and P.hD. degrees in the field of Software Engineering. The aim of the postgraduate program is to train the students to become independent researchers in the field of software engineering by utilizing the knowledge gained and skills learnt during their studies. The program accommodates both working professional and fresh graduates. The classes are offered in the evenings and on weekends.

Academic Programs

Department of Computer Software Engineering is offering the following programs at Postgraduate level: 

  • MSc Computer Software Engineering
  • PhD Computer Software Engineering

Research Areas 

We have several fulltime Ph.D. faculty members actively pursuing research in areas like Human Computer Interaction, Software Testing, Computer Vision, Computer Networks, Semantic Web as well as Parallel Computing and Grids.


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