Cancellation of admission

  1. A bona-fide student of this University may apply in person, or through parents/ guardians for cancellation of admission on a non-judicial stamp paper worth Rs.50/- duly attested by an Oath Commissioner. The Chairman of the concerned department shall cancel the admission of the student.
  2. In case of Cancellation of Admission under Clauses 11.1, a student can appeal for re-admission, to be considered by the Committee constituted for this purpose, within a period of one Academic year after the cancellation of admission. The recommendations of the committee shall be considered by Admission Committee for final decision.
  3. In case the admission of 1stsemester student is cancelled due to any reason, the rules regarding University fee/dues chargeable/refundable mentioned in the fee section of the prospectus 2019-20 will be applicable. Whereas in all other cases, the University fees/dues will be charged up to the last semester attended.


  1. Students are required to register for the relevant semester within 15 days of the start of classes.
  2. A student who fails to register in a particular semester shall not be eligible for registration in the next higher semester.
  3. A student who wants to freeze a semester shall have to register in a ”Zero Semester” subject to the following conditions:
  • He/She will pay registration fee for the ”Zero Semester”
  • He/She will apply within 15 days of start of the classes
  • He/She will be allowed to clear his/her subjects prior to ”Zero Semester”
  • He/She can resume his/her studies in a given semester subject to the approval of the Chairman.

Admission in second discipline of B.Sc Engineering

  1. Candidates  seeking admission in second discipline should have passed their first discipline by obtaining minimum 2.5 CGPA from any recognized Engineering University/College. However, they will be required to clear those subjects of B.Sc. Engineering that they have not studied in first discipline.
  2. Candidates should be registered for courses rather than for semesters.
  3. Admission shall be granted within 15 days of the commencement of first semester of the second discipline. However, they will get credit of the common courses already studied in the first discipline.
  4. Candidates possessing domicile other than Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA and those from foreign countries may be considered for admission in second branch of B.Sc. Engineering. However, candidates from foreign countries will be required to produce NOC from their respective embassies and Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs, Islamabad.
  5. Each Department may admit a total of 7 candidates in second-degree course. Admission for candidates who have domicile other than Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA, and candidates from foreign countries, shall be limited to two in each department.
  6. Tuition fee/other user charges shall be charged as under:
    • Candidates possessing Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA domicile shall be charged a sum of Rs. 18,000/- (Rupees eighteen thousand) per semester at the time of registration, in addition to the normal tuition fee & user charges.
    • Candidates having domicile other than Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA, and Foreign students shall be charged a sum of Rs.500,000 (Rupees five hundred thousands)in lump sum at the time of admission, in addition to the normal tuition fee/user charges.
  7. Candidates for the second-degree program may opt to register for any subject in which they are exempted for having passed it during their first degree program. Previous results of the subjects shall become invalid, once they opt to re-sit in the same.

Migration to other engineering Universities/Collges

  1. A student after taking admission in this University may be allowed to migrate to other institutions after obtaining No Objection Certificate from the University Academic Section on the recommendations of the Chairman of the department.
  2. No migration certificate shall be issued unless the student has cleared all the university dues. Migration certificate shall be issued after the cancellation of admission in the department in which the student is studying.
  3. No migration certificate shall be issued to a student who has been debarred from taking university examination or has been expelled or rusticated, so long as the punishment remains enforced.

Special provision

  1. In all cases where these regulations are silent, the decision of the Vice-Chancellor shall be final.
  2. This prospectus applies to all undergraduate students admitted during the session 2019-20. Any subsequent change/alteration in the rules made by the competent authority shall also be applicable.
  3. The University authorities reserve the rights to make any changes in the existing statutes, regulations, rules, fee structure, allocation of seats and course of study that may be considered necessary at any time without prior notice.
  4. No student is allowed to maintain simultaneous enrolment in any other program of studies in other educational institutions.
  5. In case a student enrolled in this University is found to be a regular student of some other institutions, his/her admission in this University shall be cancelled.
  6. if any of the particular given by the candidate in his/her application for admission is found incorrect or facts suppressed, he/she shall be refused admission. If any incorrect or false statement or suppression of facts is detected after a candidate has been granted admission, his/her admission shall be cancelled and he/she shall be liable to any other disciplinary or legal action, which the University may deem fit. A student shall be expelled from the University at any time during the course of his/her studies, if for any reason it is found that he/she was not entitled to admission in this University. A student expelled under this clause shall not be eligible to seek admission again in this university. Moreover, all the fees, funds and other user charges deposited by him shall be forfeited in favor of the University, Further, no show cause notice shall be issued in this regard.
  7. A student will cease to be a regular student as soon as his/her final semester examination is concluded. Such a student shall not be entitled for privileges reserved for regular students.
  8. The University makes all possible efforts for the safety of the students. However, the University shall not be responsible in the event of any injury damages or loss to a student resulting from any cause, whatsoever, during the course of study.
  9. Students are required to know the rules and regulations mentioned in this prospectus and notified from time to time. Ignorance of rules and regulations does not absolve them of their responsibilities.
  10. Interpretation of these rules and regulations by authorized officers of the University shall be final.