Admission by migration

The Admission Committee shall, on payment of R. 800,000/- (Rupees Eight hundred thousand only) in lump sum as migration fee, recommend admission on migration basis to a student within 15 days of the commencement of semester. The admission by migration shall be allowed provided that:

  1. The admission is possible in the same discipline.
  2. The applicant is a bona-fide student of public sector institution accredited by PEC, Islamabad or PEC recognized foreign institution/ university (in case of migration from abroad) where from he/she is seeking admission by migration.
  3. The applicant produces a No Objection Certificate from the University/College/Institution, where he/she has been studying, along with a statement of total number of courses studied by the applicant along with the syllabi of courses studied in order to determine equivalence for admission.
  4. The applicant submits a certificate confirming that the student has not been debarred from taking University examination, nor has been expelled rusticated from the institution from which he/she intends to migrate and that no disciplinary  action has been taken or pending against him/her.
  5. The Admission Committee agrees to accept the applicant based on the physical facilities in the department and the evaluation of his/her academic record.
  6. While determining the equivalence of subjects, the Chairman may direct a student to repeat those courses in which the candidate has been found deficient
  7. The Candidates domiciled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA shall be given preference.
  8. Migration shall be allowed only in the 3rd, 4th , 5th and 6th semesters of B.Sc. Engineering. 
  9. Applicant for migration to a particular semester must have already studied and passed all courses equivalent to the courses taught in earlier semesters at this University with a minimum of CGPA of 2.00 with the exception of a maximum of two courses. If migration is allowed, the student must study and pass the deficient courses. 
  10. The application for migration is based on such changes in circumstances, which render it practically impossible for a student to continue his/her studies in his/her parent Institution.
  11. The candidate should satisfy the minimum merit  of that batch for which the student seeks migration.
  12. Migration of a candidate domiciled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/FATA admitted in any Engineering University /College on the quota basis may be considered if the nominating agency has issued No Objection Certificate to the candidate.
  13. No migration is allowed on “mutual” basis.