Telecommunication Engineering

The World of Telecommunication is evolving so rapidly that the devices and techniques that are new today will be tools you are expected to understand and use by the time you graduate. Because of the relentless drive of the technological evolution, you need to understand the fundamental principles underlying the technologies, be skilled in their application and be able to adapt rapidly to technological changes throughout your career.

The department offers Telecommunication Engineering program, which is in conformance with the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. The program is a broad based course, which aims to produce well-rounded engineers with High level of analytical and engineering design skills. Graduate will develop a sound knowledge of all aspects of Telecommunication Engineering and related areas.

Department Mission

The field of Telecommunication Engineering is rapidly evolving with new technology standards introduced regularly. The mission of the BSc Telecommunication Engineering program is to produce well-rounded engineers who are deemed to meet the requirements of the industry and R&D organizations.

Academic Program:

Department of Telecommunication Engineering is offering the following program at Undergraduate level since 2002:

  • BSc Telecommunication Engineering (Click hereto download approved curriculum)


The department have several full-time PhD faculty members (qualified from Technologically Advanced Countries), actively pursuing research in areas like: Antenna Design, Electromagnetic Radio Wave Propagation, Millimeter- and submillimeter-wave propagation, Microwave Engineering, Metamaterials, Mobile and Satellite Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Signal Information Processing, Digital Image and Video Processing, Radar Engineering, RFID Tags, Plasmonics, Tera Hertz/Nano Antennas, Frequency selective surfaces, Propagation Modelling, EMC and Interference Studies, Cooperative and Cognitive Communications, Network Security and Mobile Ad-hoc Networks.


Click here to view program’s faculty.


Department of Telecommunication Engineering has the following nine(9) state of the art laboratories:

  • Electronics Lab
  • Wireless Communication Lab
  • Telecommunication Systems Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • FYP Lab
  • Electric Circuit Lab
  • Fiber Optics Lab
  • Digital Electronics Lab
  • Control System Lab